In bed with fever

Yes, you read it right, in bed with fever, not feverish in bed. Though I'd like that more, I can tell. It might be better to stop right here, since my present state of well-being, which is not very well at the moment, seems to lower my indigenously high morals and lead my train of thought to a very dubious realms. Oh my.

So, the little Halloween journey to my dear old granny wasn't as harmless as I thought it would be. Yes, it saved me from those creepy vamps (and I'm not referring to vampires with that) that assault me every now and then in the most undesirable ways, but instead I got to suffer from damp bedsheets, merciless chill and that gruesome Scottish weather. I may have deceived those fan-girls, but couldn't swindel the good old autumn gale.

Damn it. I'm not going to bore you with the details of my morbid condition. I'll just say that this darn brightness makes me want to dig my aching eyes of my head. I tried to brew something to ease this pain that keeps hammering my forehead, but I guess nothing, exept time, really cures the infernal common cold. I can almost see that demon of influenza wagging me the banner that says "REST, you stupid idiot!"

I know I have been working too much. And that's the commendation I get for all that labour.

As always.

Have a nice weekend. I have a plan how to spend mine: 1) Stay alive. 2) Get well.

I hope that's not too much to ask.

Severus Snape is property of J.K Rowlings, the author of Harry Potter -books the writings are mine though.

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  1. Lily Evans wrote 07.11.2008 - 20:12
    Have a GOOD rest and take potions timely. Don't worry, I am here. You'll be 1) alive. 2)and back to form.

    James Potter wrote 07.11.2008 - 22:20
    ((Get well soon, mate.))

    Nanni wrote 07.11.2008 - 23:08
    And you, have a nice weekend too. :-)
    Hmm, luckily I still haven't fever. I hope that I will survive without it at this winter.

    Black wrote 08.11.2008 - 10:26
    Oh my. Get better soon. Why is November such a miserable and cold month? Probably because my birthday is this month...

    Harry Potter wrote 10.11.2008 - 00:32
    Hello professor Snape, I hope I don't disturb you with my question, but I just had to come here and ask something that's been bothering me quite a long now. What truly happened between you and my mother? I don't mean to be rude, but you did give me your memories, at least some of them, and I've been dying to find out some more. And in the case you didn't know, we named our son after you. Albus Severus Potter has grown knowing that he is named after a true hero. So, that's my way of expressing my gratitude.

    Harry Potter wrote 10.11.2008 - 00:33
    And oh, yes, I do hope you'll get well soon!
    Severus Snape kirjoitti 11.11.2008 - 10:28
    Thank you all, for your kind get well soon wishes. I did get well, and so, here I am. Mr. Potter jr. as I said in my main writing today, I will delve your guestion later, when I feel totally recovered, that is.