I know I have a certain reputation as a great misanthropist, but that's incorrect. I don't hate people, not all of them at least. There even are few that I, if not admire, respect.

I do hate faults, weaknesses of character, certain behaviour and deficiency though.

Some might say that I am a perfectionist. Well, perhaps, but I do tolerate certain amount of imperfection in man. Not many of us is perfect, I am aware of that, of course. But there is quite an amount of traits that I cannot stand.

First of all, stupidity. Pure, moronic, disgusting and plain stupidity. Even thinking about it makes me want to puke. I have had my share of being forced to face it and endure it in others, but as I said, I can't stand it.

Then there are those, who are well equipped with incompetence, lack of knowledge and sophistication, smugness, double standards and arrogance.

Against the common opinion, I can be compassionate and forgive faults of others if they only are humble enough and willing to admit their errors and change, but people rarely are. What agitates me most, to the state of huge rage, if I'm honest, is the total blindness of so many. There just are too many of those condescending, stupid and excruciatingly obnoxious, insufferable, unbearably intolerable people who think they are the top of the creation and are not shy to show it, but in fact they are nothing but a lousy excuse of a man (or woman).

Urban Dictionary puts it this way:


"A CRAZY MAKER" A block headed thick skulled pea brain. Concieted Random Arrogant Insensitive Geek
Someone who has a deep sense of self love. They lack insight into the people around them. They de-value and break down the people closest to them so they can achieve control. Manipulative mind numbing conversation about how they are feeling and why they are better is an earfull they are always ready to share. Sorry is a word they use strategically along with their mind games to squeeze every bit of life out of you. Craigin
I'd rather recieve a Hot Carl from the old man down the street then hang out with a Craigin Narcissist.

Severus Snape is property of J.K Rowlings, the author of Harry Potter -books the writings are mine though.


  1. Oh, sweet Merlin. I was not aware how much you and I were alike before reading this. It scares me a little, but I suppose there are thousands of people in the world who think just like me. Talk about individuality...

  2. Hello Black. Talking about being individual... My words exactly. Well, perhaps you share my opinion about the steamy weather too.

  3. "Then there are those, who are well equipped with incompetence, lack of knowledge and sophistication, smugness, double standards and arrogance."
    Hmm, reminds me of my dear family! Of course, I never cared fot them pratcially ever. That's how you feel/felt about my brother I bet!