Many Joys of Electricity

I wrote quite a long lament in here, just to witness how every word of it vanished when power cut payed me an unwanted visit.

I never understood why it is not possible to post these messages on parchment.

Severus Snape is property of J.K Rowlings, the author of Harry Potter -books the writings are mine though.


  1. Dear Professor
    Technology is not like magic, I'm afraid – one is not always able to controll it … I'm sorry to hear about your words vanishing, as I'm sure you are aware of how much we are craving to hear from you!

  2. Dear Professor Snape,

    I agree. When I first became of the "World Wide Web" my Dark wizard mind had quite a different idea of the whole thing. It has been very useful at times, but one does long for the scent of vellum and ink, and the touch of sand....

    I hope that you will not be dissuaded from relating your lament. It could be an obstacle put in your way to deflect you, and obviously such things cannot be allowed to defeat your true purpose. (The lament about the lament *was* amusing however.)

    The Foolish Wizard

  3. Dear Professor Snape,
    There is something special about putting ink to paper. It is a skill that is unfortunately going the way of clay tablets in a technology driven age. However, the internet, unlike parchment, provides a wider audience for your laments. I know it's frustrating, but don't let one technological glitch frustrate you too much.

    The Black Swan

  4. I understand that electricity and internet can be a brutal nuisance, but is that a reason to dissapear like that? You have no idea how much I enjoyed your posts, Professor.
    Hoping you'll be back,

  5. I agree with Black, Professor. Hope this finds you well.

  6. Once was a professor named Snape
    Who thought he'd make good his escape
    Mail from Fool and from Black
    Piled up in a stack
    And he disappeared behind his black cape

    But Black and the Fool weren't convinced
    Even though they'd not seen him since
    They did pray and plead
    In supplicant need
    Come back to us, Half Blood Prince!

    Again Professor, my wishes that this bit of doggerel finds you well. :)

  7. Ah, that was rather nice. Though still no sign of our beloved Professor. I just hope he hasn't overdosed with that Sleeping Potion.

  8. Agreed. It is perhaps unwise to enquire too closely into the activities of our favorite Potions Master, but we do desire the successful and prosperous conclusion of his present enterprise, and his safe return.

    (We miss you, Severus.)

  9. I'm certain that one technological glitch can't frustrate you at all to keep you away from writing. Its probably your duties. We know you Severus(it might be frustrating for you, forgive me.) but you await us. Wish we'd read the lament sometime soon. Happy new year!

  10. Felicitous Natality, Severus! We celebrate the day of your birth! We miss you!