I'm back.

Thank you for understanding my trouble. And thank you for your concern. Some might think you missed me, but luckily I know better.

So what have I been up to, some of you might ask? I have been caressing parchment with my quill, leaving some inky marks behind.

I am writing a book. It shall be the closest thing I'll ever have to a child. And I do admit, it has made me a little sentimental, as all of you clever readers may notice. In fact, I've been quite consumed by it. At the moment I'm having a little break, since I'm waiting the manuscript to be returned from the publisher. Quite exciting actually.

Severus Snape is property of J.K Rowlings, the author of Harry Potter -books the writings are mine though.


  1. Ah! I knew that all this snow should bring something. Good or bad, I wasn't sure, but here it is and it turns out to be good.
    Well, congratulations on your book. Here's hoping we'll get to have a look at it as well some day.

  2. That's wonderful news, Professor! I'm so glad to see that you are doing well. We knew it must be something very important. Can you tell us any more about the book?

  3. I love your diary, dear professor Snape. Please, keep up writing!

    I also wish you would tell us more about your life. What do you do, where do you live etc. I'd appreciate it very much.

  4. Thank you for your interest, but I can't share the details of my book yet. And I will tell about my life, when and if I consider it necessary.