"You asked it..."

This weird and suspicious muggle thing called the internet is an endless source of wonder. Every now and then I encounter ridiculous matters, some of them harmless, some of them purely stupid.

This one was neither.

As I find myself highly amused, there will be more of this. Humour.


  1. Total lol :D I have several pics like that on my computer hehe

  2. Ha! I knew that day would come when you would honor us with your presence again, dear Professor. I did not, however, expect you to have turned to this kind of entertainment. I suppose dark times are really upon us.

  3. Dark times, indeed. I'm not sure which one is more terrifying enemy, that noseless, bitchy undead, who calls himself the Dark Lord or that glittering, bitchy undead, who calls himself a vampire.

  4. Hullo Prof! Amuzing picture of dat vampire an ye. Once I attempted ter steal his car but the bloody vamp could hear me thought. Pity! Can an AK curse kill him? Me just wonderin.

  5. Hello, you, pirate-person. As those sparkly bloodsuckers are already dead, a killing curse doesn't have much impact on them. What a pity. One can always hope, though.

    Fortunately, they do tend to catch a fire quite conveniently.