Another Friday the thirteenth

Isn't this a convenient coincidence, it was Friday the thirteenth when I last wrote here and apropos, it's another one right now. Fascinating.

Sometimes it feels as if my whole life was one prolonged Friday the thirteenth. I'm not complaining, how could I? It is such a pleasing privilege to be a wizard so well loved, highly appreciated and recognised, cherished by his students, admired by his associates, visibly valued by his colleagues and rewarded by his society, such an honour to be a man with great talent, remarkable skill, power and furthermore, blessed with good looks.

Need I say more?

Severus Snape is property of J.K Rowlings, the author of Harry Potter -books the writings are mine though.


  1. You know, I've been popping in and out your private diary to see if you've written anything new, almost every second day. To my dissapointment there was nothing. Then I thought, ''he's probably going to post on Friday the thirteenth again.'' And I was right.
    Considering the fact that the next Friday the thirteenth is in November only, I have to ask - is a new post expected only then? Please say no. I could not bear without any news from my favorite, highly appreciated, talented, skilled and good-looking Professor for that long.

  2. Thank you Black, that's very flattering, though untrue. I am going to write here more regularly now, so no, you don't have to languish in your desperate waiting for my brilliant writings.

  3. Severus, do please restrain from insulting me by saying that what I've said is untrue. Because, you see, I'm nearly always right. Time has shown it, and I hope it stays like that.
    And thank you for the good news. Your writings have always been very interesting and highly amusing for me. I see you have renewed the former entries.