Happy Gloomy All Hallows Eve

I'm leaving to countryside for a few days. I hate festivities, and I think it's more entertaining to sit in front of fire, reading a good book and enjoying my port wine, than stay at home trying not to curse those poorly dressed vampires, zombies, wizards (!) and fairies from hell. No, I don't wan't any trick or treat. And no, you'll get no candy, nor detention.

I have to tell you, even though it makes me feel ashamed, which is kind of weird, since I've done nothing wrong here. Not in a long time, that is. Yes... I can almost handle those horror creatures popping on my door with their greedy eyes and vast bags. They are not the worst part of this Halloween time. It's those horrid, blood stopping cutie girls, all dressed up like naughty school girls in their skirt too short and eyelashes too voluminous. And ponytails on both sides of their heads. Always ponytails.

They come to my door, lashing untiringly their eyelashes so that I almost catch cold because of the draught they make. They smile unscrupulously allouring way (not affecting me in any way, I can tell) and use that funny little childish nasal voice while talking to me. And what do they want? I have to admit, that quite a long time it was a total mystery to me. But now I know.

Do they want candy? Hell no, they want detention. DETENTION, with ME. For Merlins pants, that makes me sick.

So, I'm going to meet my grandmother, like every year for a quite many years now.

I wish you all the gloomiest and darkest, horrid and scary All Hallows Eve. May there be lots of killer bunnies on your way, but I couldn't dare to hope any seductive wannabe Anime School Girls appearing to you door. Not even to you, Potter, though you might like them. Who knows.

Severus Snape is property of J.K Rowlings, the author of Harry Potter -books the writings are mine though.

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  1. Black wrote 30.10.2008 - 13:21
    Severus, this entry was particularly entertaining. Thank you.

    I'm definitely not celebrating. And Merlin help them, if someone appers on my doorstep begging for candy.

    Lily Evans wrote 30.10.2008 - 21:28
    I had a good laugh reading this. Ponytails on both sides... eww. And the most amusing part is you catch a cold because of the draught they make. Send them to me Severus and I'll teach them how to make it better.

    However, I am relieved you will be with your Grandmom, not with some blood stopping cutie girls. Wheeeee! Have a scary Halloween as well.

    James Potter wrote 30.10.2008 - 23:22
    Ah! Give me a break Snivellus! Its pretty clear from the details you've given that you enjoyed having them around, not to mention their nasal voice and cool breeze or whatever! You are pretending to be a monk which you/are/NOT! For Merlin's sake keep your nasty assumptions to yourself. I am happily married with my Lily(Lilikins).
    However, otherwise it was all a good writing. I enjoyed most of the part of it.*goes to unconfuse himself*

    Lucius Malfoy wrote 10.11.2008 - 11:16
    Certainly the girls have found you now. I just keep wondering what hex have you used to them. Your "good looks" and "eloquent manners" hardly can be blamed... *raises eyebrow mockingly* Oh well, if they appear on you door just send them to me. I don't mind short skirts or ponytails. Even on the both sides. (Narcissa never agrees posing as a "naughty schoolgirl".) *well hidden sigh*

    Severus Snape wrote 11.11.2008 - 10:37
    Oh thank you Lucius, thank you so much... It's better for both of us that you don't even begin to imagine reasons to that matter. I certainly don't. It would also be very altruistic to keep you sexual preferences to yourself, please. But now that I do know, I will happily sent them to your way. I bet you can give them such enchanting detentions with the most inventive punishments... And then everybody's happy. (Except Narcissa, I guess.)